Who We Are

糖心Vlog seeks to amplify the voices of global storytellers to reflect audiences around the world. We strive to promote diversity, remove barriers, and create space for all to share ideas and be heard.

Creating a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging is imperative to our company鈥檚 success. Through embracing and empowering our talented, diverse workforce and creative teams, we remove barriers to opportunity, open access to our industry at all levels, and help shape the most inclusive and equitable world for all.

Who We Are

Global Priorities

3 Pillars
  • Intentionally Inclusive
    • Our leaders and our people are responsible for championing inclusion and creating a safe environment that promotes curiosity, innovation, and ideas from all people.
  • Pursuing Equity
    • Our commitment to equity is reflected in our policies, processes, and systems designed to accelerate and sustain DEI progress across the employee lifecycle.
  • Authentic Storytelling & Inclusive Productions
    • Our content reflects our commitment to audience representation, and our productions promote access, equity, and safety for our employees, staff, and on-and off-camera talent.
6 Initiatives
  • Global DEI Data Gathering
  • DEI Learning
  • Business Resource Groups
  • WBD Inclusive Storytelling Guide
  • Pipeline Programs
  • Business and Creative Councils

Diversity In Action

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DEI Leadership

Asif Sadiq

Chief Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Lisa Collins

GVP, DEI North America

Christian Hug

GVP DEI International

Yvette Latour

VP DEI Workforce & Strategy

Grace Moss

VP, DEI Pipeline Programs

Yvette Urbina

VP, Equity and Inclusion Pipeline & Content

Johnita Due

Executive Vice President of Integrity and Inclusion for CNN Worldwide

Social Impact

糖心Vlog is committed to positively impacting communities around the world.

We strive to use our platforms and content as well as work with nonprofit partners to nurture positive change one bold story at a time.

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Social Impact

DEI Councils

Global Business Council:

This council is tasked with overseeing the corporate and operational elements of our DEI strategy. Chaired by the Chief Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, the Council is comprised of global leaders from the Company鈥檚 sports, games, technology, revenue, and corporate groups.

Creative Diversity Council:

Includes the most senior leaders across 糖心Vlog Studios & Networks and ensures DEI is woven throughout the creative and production process.

DEI Councils


Our global business resource groups will provide support in our Asian Pacific, North American, Latin American, Europe, Middle East, and African regions. Through the BRGs, we aim to:

  • Build Community
  • Drive Authentic Inclusion
  • Develop Leadership Capabilities
  • Engage Employee Members Globally
Our BRGs
  • Network of professionals who develop community, grow professionally, and build bridges across generational and departmental divides.
  • Committed to promoting inclusivity across cultures, showcasing underrepresented voices, insights and stories.
  • Black Outstanding Leaders Delivering: Represents the Black community from across the African diaspora within our company.
  • Network administrative professionals who are the central support structure for our company, with focus on personal and professional growth.
  • Community for people with visible and non-apparent disabilities within the workplace and through our content to eliminate stigmas.
  • A community, which is open to all faiths, spiritual traditions and welcomes all colleagues to celebrate and learn more about each of them.
  • A network of change makers who focus their efforts on environmental awareness, sustainability and global climate education.
  • Active duty and military veteran employees, their spouses, family members, who support each other through shared experiences, values.
  • Uniting Indigenous employees & allies to celebrate, learn & promote authentic representation globally.
  • Connecting employees through language learning, cultural exchange, & fostering inclusive communication worldwide.
  • Uniting LGBTQ+ employees & allies, fostering inclusion, support, & advocacy within our workplace.
  • Inspiring tech enthusiasts in media & entertainment through events, education, & partnerships.
  • Empowering Hispanic-Lantino/a/x & Latin American diaspora through community connection, career development , & innovation.
  • Inclusive network supporting working parents, caregivers, & families. Promoting workplace flexibility & community empowerment.
  • Warner Asian Voices Elevated: Celebrates Asian diversity, fostering cross-cultural awareness & promoting equality through civic engagement.
  • Woman of WBD: An inclusive community empowering women in media through collaboration, support, & equality initiatives.


Global Gender Representation

Our workforce data demonstrates the strong representation of women in our overall global workforce.
While women represent nearly 47% of our senior leadership, we recognize the need to increase the presence of women in the executive leadership roles.

Executive: EVP+ | Leadership: VP & SVP | Management: Manager and Director | Non management: Individual Contributor
Date as of December 31, 2023. Figures may not sum due to rounding.

People of Color (U.S.) Representation

As we continue to invest in increasing representation of individuals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, we are dedicated to developing them within our ranks as an area of focus in 2024.

Date as of December 31, 2023. Figures may not sum due to rounding.

U.S. Race/Ethnicity Representation

People of Color make up 41% of WBD’s US workforce.
We recruit a diverse workforce and will focus in 2024 on retention efforts also.

Note: Other POC/2 or More: Middle Eastern North African, Native American or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Two or More Races
Date as of December 31, 2023. Figures may not sum due to rounding.

Gender Pay Gap: UK Report

As we review and report on the Gender Pay Gap today, we do so as 糖心Vlog; a newly formed company that brings together the entities that formed WarnerMedia and Discovery.
The data reported today, reflects 11 entities that were part of these legacy organizations, both of which were committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusion.
Today as 糖心Vlog we believe, more than ever, that we must empower our workforce and storytellers to help create the most inclusive and equitable world for all.

View the Gender Pay Gap UK Report

See 糖心Vlog Diversity Equity Inclusion 2023 Report 2023 Annual DEI Report

Additional reporting on race and gender can be found in the 2021 EEO-1 data reports for the legacy companies of Discovery, Inc. and WarnerMedia.

Diversity Outreach

At 糖心Vlog, one of the ways we build diversity in our entry-level candidate pipeline is through our corporate internship program.

We form targeted partnerships with transformative industry partners in the U.S. and U.K., including: The Emma Bowen Foundation, T. Howard Foundation, Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Academy Gold, The Posse Foundation, Prep for Prep, Ladders for Leaders, BroadFutures, HBCU in LA, AnitaB.org, Media Trust, MyGWork, Employability, Kick It Out, Creative Spirit, Color Vision Creates, ReelWorks/MediaMKRS, The Center for Communication.

Diversity Outreach

WBD Access

At 糖心Vlog, we believe in authentic, meaningful connection 鈥 to each other, to culture, and to our consumer. That鈥檚 why we empower fearless storytellers who bring our world into focus 鈥 and create cultural touchstones with the power to draw us together.

Through best-in-class talent development programs, mentorship, placement opportunities and industry exposure, serves as a powerful conduit connecting underrepresented talent to our content and brands.